The Rise of Green Gamification

Ashok KamalBy Ashok Kamal, Co-founder and CEO of Bennu, LLC, and Co-founder of Ocean Aid

Who said going green had to be boring? Maybe the same people who believe games are just entertainment. Both myths are being shattered by the growing phenomenon of green gamification – the use of game mechanics to make sustainability fun and rewarding.

I recently joined Green Seal’s inaugural Advisory Council to help augment the organization’s scientifically rigorous certification with cutting-edge social media technology. Our goal is to engage more people toward creating a sustainable world. We can achieve that goal faster and more effectively by tapping into the innate human love for games, which are more popular today than ever before.    Continue reading “The Rise of Green Gamification”

January’s Sustainability News

Check out our Winter Interns’ News Selections below:

Celina’s Picks:

BroncosSeahawksNFL to Host ‘Greenest Super Bowl Ever’ at MetLife Stadium,

“’Working with the NFL, we can help set the example that even an event that uses as much energy as the Super Bowl can significantly reduce its impact on the environment,’ PSE&G President Ralph LaRossa said.”

Beyond partnerships: The fourth stage of environmentalism, Continue reading “January’s Sustainability News”

Tackling the Challenges | Barriers to Sustainable Packaging

Linda at EIIn December 2013, Green Seal’s VP of Marketing Linda Chipperfield joined the Annual Sustainable Food & Beverage Packaging Value Chain Meeting to talk about our Food Service Packaging Standard (GS-35), as well as our upcoming release of Green Seal’s nationwide restaurant standard (GS-45), which is currently under Public Review.

Our partner Elemental Impact (Ei) wrote the below article to share the successful event with their network, and has kindly allowed us to re-post this article to share with our supporters. If you enjoy this post, we highly recommend that you check out The EI Blog – Zero Waste in Action – to hear more from Ei’s founder and CEO Holly Elmore. Continue reading “Tackling the Challenges | Barriers to Sustainable Packaging”

Public Comment Period is OPEN for Proposed Restaurants and Food Services Standard

restaurant photoAn extension of our post from earlier this week…Green Seal is now inviting the public to comment on our proposed Standard for Restaurants and Food Services – which we have designated “GS-45.” GS-45 will provide detailed guidance for restaurants that are seeking to green their business operations including:

  • responsible food purchasing
  • reducing food waste
  • water and energy efficiency
  • and environmentally-preferable purchasing

Beyond using this standard as a guide, restaurants around the US can apply to become certified to GS-45 in order to prove and verify their sustainability leadership. Applications will be available once GS-45 is finalized.

How can you help? Register for free to comment on this standard. Do you think that this standard is clearly written? Does it accurately demonstrate sustainability leadership in the foodservice industry? We want your feedback.

Public Comment Period is OPEN for Specialty Cleaners and Hotels.

Beginning the New Year by Re-Defining Leadership

A quick review: Green Seal develops science-based standards to help companies green their products and services. Standards are lists of criteria that companies must meet for their products or services to be Green Seal Certified. This month, we announce the Public Comment Period for three standards:

Deadlines: Specialty Cleaners: February 2. Hotels & Lodging Properties: January 30.

Register to become a Public Commenter by clicking the links above.

Interested in the science and details? Keep reading…

Continue reading “Public Comment Period is OPEN for Specialty Cleaners and Hotels.”

The Year in Review and Ahead

Arthur-ColorBy Arthur Weissman, Ph.D, Green Seal President/CEO

In the more northern climates, at least, we typically experience a riot of color in the autumn before the vegetative world quiets down for the winter.  My staff and I mirrored this burst of activity with a busy fall travel schedule, visiting clients and partners and appearing at conferences and tradeshows.  As the calendar year winds down and allows a moment of reflection, I’d like to review what we have achieved over the past year, usually with the participation of clients and partners, as well as what lies ahead. Continue reading “The Year in Review and Ahead”