Spring News: Green Seal & BILL NYE.

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Bill Nye HeadshotBill Nye, the Science Guy® to be Keynote in October

We are excited to announce Bill Nye as the keynote speaker at our 25th Anniversary Gala on October 8 in Washington DC. As a scientist, engineer, TV host, author, and inventor, Bill helps foster a scientifically literate society, helping people everywhere understand and appreciate the science that makes our world work. Bill is a graduate of Cornell University with a Bachelors of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering. He holds three Honorary Doctorate degrees from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Goucher College, and Johns Hopkins.

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A History of Food Packaging

By Lisa Nash, Administrative Assistant

Food packaging evolves with the progress of knowledge. Material discoveries, manufacturing developments, and new understandings of science shape the history of food packaging. Its developments usher in countless benefits like the improved health and safety of food distribution. Today, food packaging is extremely varied and can accommodate many different distribution needs ranging from food preservation to weight minimization. However, there is no one silver bullet when it comes to food packaging, so every decision has its share of tradeoffs. Continue reading “A History of Food Packaging”

From Seed to Shelf – Ethical Consumption

By Guest Blogger Lindsey Berk of Operation Groundswell

Groundswell“Eating is an agricultural act.”

– Wendell Berry, American novelist, activist, cultural critic, and farmer

We seem to have forgotten that.

At least, I had forgotten that until I left my corporate job and my New York City apartment in 2011 to begin a three-year journey around Latin America and Australia. Working on a winery in Mendoza, Argentina during its harvest taught me the importance of a farmer’s vigilance and dedication – as well as how fickle a crop can be. WWOOFing on an organic farm in Byron Bay, Australia, brought out my inner child as I delighted in pulling carrots, radishes and peanuts out of the ground. Volunteering at a coffee cooperative in Guatemala instilled in me the importance of fair wages and food justice. This was the same girl who had grown up with a plethora of food in the pantry, always answering the slightest hunger rumble with a more-than sufficient meal without giving a second thought to how that food got there. Continue reading “From Seed to Shelf – Ethical Consumption”

A day in the life of your trash

ImageBy Summer 2013 Intern Jen Crino

A week ago, I was finally able to convince my parents to start composting.

To my surprise, my whole family was incredibly enthusiastic to learn about the process. This sparked the question, though – where did all of these food scraps and organic matter go before we had started composting?

As a college student studying environmental processes, I was bothered that I could only give them a bare-bones description of landfills and the different procedures that occur there, so I decided to do some research. Continue reading “A day in the life of your trash”

Happy 20th Green Seal Anniversary to Mohawk

gray_on_black #TheOriginal #EcoLeaders:

One of our original clients – Mohawk – recently celebrated their 20th Anniversary of producing Green Seal-certified specialty paper. Mohawk is a “fourth-generation family-owned business” – according to their FAQs – with visionary management who have helped define sustainability leadership in the paper industry over these past two decades. On their Environment web page, Mohawk clearly describes these values:

Being part of an industry that depends heavily on energy, water, and other natural resources, Mohawk has embraced the concept of extended stewardship. We continually examine every aspect of our business with the objective of making our environmental footprint as small as possible. This means doing more with less and taking decisive actions to minimize or eliminate negative impacts. From simple activities like desk-side recycling to complex decisions about manufacturing techniques, energy choices and vendor selection, nothing is left unexamined. In short, we accept our responsibility to protect the natural resources and processes that sustain our business and our lives, and convey that commitment to all of our stakeholders. Continue reading “Happy 20th Green Seal Anniversary to Mohawk”

An Intern’s Search for Knowledge – Reflective Coatings

Jake's HeadshotBy Jake Anderson, Green Seal Summer 2013 Intern

One day as I was reading up on Green Seal’s standard for paints and coatings (GS-11), it struck me that there is so much I don’t know about the paint industry. GS- 11 lays out environmental, health, and performance requirements that must be met by wall, anti-corrosive, and reflective coatings and floor paints that bear the Green Seal of certification. Surely, this all sounds good to me and other environmentally conscious consumers, but my first question is: What on earth is a reflective coating? 

Continue reading “An Intern’s Search for Knowledge – Reflective Coatings”