Why Are BMW Drivers Hated So Much

Granny Obnoxious Mercedes Driver

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In fact, all Mercedes owners look down on you for driving the brand's Corolla. It's the Sentra of Mercedes. These days, Audi and Porsche owners are probably hated equally, while Mercedes gets away because of its image of catering to the older people. In a sane society, these people would be required to read Ameritopia before receiving a driver's license.

Don't hose out your Honda Element. These get socked with fines as above, every year.

It's almost as if they're mesmerized by the visions of a Utopian society, that which never was and never could be. Lunch hangs in the balance.

Ride-hailing drivers across the U. The other Subaru driver, you know the one that thinks they're the next world rally champ. How to Become a Professional Driver. When in Doubt, Drivers Steer toward the Shoulder. This is what mechanics are for.

Fast where fast is safe, predictable in crumby city traffic. Michael gets the green light for the car of his dreams.

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Epic Tram Crashes Compilation VideoWhy Are BMW Drivers Hated So Much

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It might get people to thinking about what an obnoxious, deskjet 3840 mac driver insufferable bully he is. Mercedes-Benz D turbo or not.

Granny obnoxious mercedes driver

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