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The products could be widely applied to a variety of fields. The main difference is the size of the ambient voltage. There is an A and B series that varies the input and output voltage. Now it is time to tell you that Mean Well manufacturers a few models that posses both constant voltage and constant current characteristics. The products are mainly applied to indoor lighting or geared with strip light.

They output strictly constant current ranging from mA all the way up to mA! This is a standard desktop power supply adapter. The product is guaranteed for three years and is a very cost-effective product. It is also held in a fully isolated, waterproof case so it can be used outdoors in architectural and landscape lighting. Non-Dimming drivers are fairly straight forward whereas dimming drivers may have different dimming functions that you need to keep track of.

The Watt model that can drive up to mA is much more robust than anything we have ever offered. It is not rated for outdoor use but is perfect for small indoor lighting applications. After completing the checklist above and knowing what you are looking for, check out the options below!

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Any order that does not qualify for free shipping, will by default include a discount of equal value to the free shipping offer. The current wattage covers W and W. This is the flagship constant voltage power source from Mean Well. If dimming is needed, make sure to choose a power source that has dimming capabilities.

LED Driver Power supply Solution - MEAN WELL

During initial startup, the power supplies operate in constant voltage mode, suitable for lights with internal drivers or in-series resistors i. This model allows for the driver to be programmed, allowing for several different light outputs depending on the time of day. This low profile driver can fit within a custom built fixture and any of the compatible dimmers listed on the data sheet. This is the preferred power supply if you would like to simply plug into a standard wall outlet. Will the power supply fit in the desired space?

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The dimmable drivers come in a few different models offering alternate kinds of dimming. Like their power supplies, bcm43231 drivers the constant current drivers are loaded with safety regulations and are built to last.

The potentiometers are found under the two black caps on the face of the power supply. One key feature is to offer dimming or not. Secondly, the metal casing really adds to the durability. Email us to sina lightsandparts. With a failure rate at less than.

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Cable This product is a Switching Power Supply. Can I use a power supply outdoors or in a damp area?

No Suitable for use in Dry and Damp Locations. Mean Well offers this D model that you can specially request from us. The units are wired into line voltage.

How will I connect my power supply? Make sure to check the size of the unit to make sure you have room for it. This is ideal in applications using a Li-Ion battery where the battery might drain and input less voltage than when fully charged.

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Lastly, does my application require any other functions? They are sometimes referred to as computer power supplies because they are mainly used in powering computers or other consumer electronics. These dual output power supplies are mainly used for constant voltage, as there are constant current models available if that is what you need. There are also mounting holes on each side for easy mounting wherever you need. The smallest and cheapest unit available.

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Users can choose the right product to match the luminaire according to the difference of the environment. As I said earlier, we have a full team of tech and sales associates that are well trained on Mean Well products and would be happy to guide you to the one for your lighting setup. First, it is a good idea to know the specific needs of your project. This small device is held in a fully isolated plastic case. With a wide range of new products and variations, we expect that you will have more questions.

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